All You Need to Know About Tuition Assistance USMC

There are many perks for joining the military. However, one of the cherished of these benefits is tuition assistance. Among these many education and training programs, the most popular is the GI Bill. This is because many members of the military are eligible for this program. In line with its beliefs to push military personnel forward, you can benefit from the tuition assistance USMC once you meet its requirements. 

The good news is that each government institution provides this kind of service, or a type of it to its personnel. And for each arm of the military, the benefits are quite good. Even though they may vary in different aspects. Many marines use benefits from the tuition assistance USMC to attend classes while on duty. This enables them to get their degrees in a relatively shorter amount of time than if they were enrolled in a traditional university.

The US Airforce and Marine corp tuition assistance have several similarities. Nevertheless, the administrative side of these two programs has several slight differences. For instance, the program under the Airforce just received some new changes. Now, beneficiaries have to obtain official permission from their supervisors before taking classes. To better understand, the tuition assistance USMC, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of the program in the Marine Corps. 

The Essence of TA

The Marine Corps Tuition Assistance has some rigid restrictions on eligibility. However, it’s important not to lose sight of why Tuition Assistance USMC exists. Sure, its benefits active-duty Marines greatly and serves as an excellent tool during recruitments. Nevertheless, the bottom line of this program is to help the Marine Corp become a more effective fighting force. Education is one of the strongest weapons you could use to empower a fighting force. Because it improves the overall force capability of the Marine Corps

Benefits of the Tuition Assistance USMC

The tuition assistance USMC program is also known by another name which is the Marine Corps Lifelong Learning Program. According to sources, the program in the marine corps shares the same quarter-hour of credit as other branches of the military service. 

Below, we’ve provided the highest amount of payment marines can receive for the tuition assistance USMC: Other fees and tuition at 100%, however not exceeding: 

  • Fiscal Year – $4500
  • Quarter Credit Hour – $166
  • Semester Credit Hour – $250

Also, you may be capable of using funds from the Marine Corps reserve tuition assistance to cover expenses such as : 

  • Technology and computer fees
  • Lab fees
  • Tuition costs & enrollment fees
  • Other expenses required by the institution

Funds provided by the tuition assistance USMC excludes the following expenses: 

  • Equipment fees
  • Exams
  • Books
  • Supplies
  • Costs incurred by distance learning

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Limits of the Tuition Assistance USMC

Despite the exclusion above, the amounts listed in the previous section are not necessarily the payment limits of the marine corps tuition assistance. Often, you can find other options by working closely with your school. Otherwise, you can use payments from partial GI Bill benefits

For instance, the follows are some of the options you have to make the USMC program provide all the fees and tuition for your education: 

  • Some service members may obtain grants such as the Pell Grant from the Federal Government.
  • Many educational institutions will minimize the cost of tuition to match the maximum benefits active-duty military members receive from the tuition assistance USMC program. Universities and colleges found in military communities are known for this approach. However, undergrads tend to benefit more from this option. 
  • Military scholarships can be awarded to many members of the military. Such scholarships are attainable from the military service organization or schools. 
  • Also, you can cover any difference in tuition expenses with the benefits of the GI Bill. However, you’ll have to take a partial month of the GI Bill benefits if you choose to use it in addition to the tuition assistance USMC. Because it is only serving as a “Top Up” to difference left in your TA benefits. 

Eligibility Requirements for the Marine Corps Tuition Assistance USMC

As you will realize, the eligibility requirements for the marine corps tuition assistance program vary from one branch of the military to the other. For instance, members of the Air Force have to obtain permission from their supervisors before applying to receive the benefits fo the Tuition Assistance USMC. The requirements for marines are also similar.

Firstly, benefiting from this program is discretionary. An education support personnel and Education Service Officer (ESO) are at your disposal to help you professional and personal education plans. Also, they assist you in coming to the most informed selection of academic institutions that match your educational objectives. Obtaining approval for your Tuition Assistance from the command is contingent upon your mission requirements. 

As a marine, you have to meet the appropriate eligibility criteria and standards below in Ref A and B before the authorization of your TA. 

  1. You’ll need 24 months of minimum active duty time is you’re a first-time TA applicant. 
  2. Per Ref B, you are eligible for promotion (so are all other marines). 
  3. If you’re a first-time TA applicant, you’ll have to complete the Marine Corps institute personal financial management (Course ID 3420f) and leadership program (Course ID 8012b).
  4. You can only receive authorization for Tuition Assistance USMC for only one course if you’re a first-time applicant. However, they are an exception if you can provide documentation to prove that you have either an associate’s degree or a minimum GPA of 2.5 and sixty academic credits. 
  5. If your class begins before the end of a previously approved one, you can’t receive TA authorization. 
  6. The funds from approved TA such as withdrawal waivers and even failed courses all add up to your the ceiling of your individual fiscal year. 
  7. In the following events, authorization for marine corps tuition assistance shall go for only one course in the following term, (1) you voluntarily withdrew form any courses of the previous term, (2)your total GPA gets lower than 2.5, (3) your previous term reports show any “D”. 

Additional Eligibilities

  1. You’ll have to take the adult basic education test and get at least 10.2 as your examination score if you apply for the tuition assistant USMC program with a general technical score lower than 100 as a first-time TA user. 
  2. Retroactive approval will not be obtained for TA. You must submit your TA applications and receive approval from your command before the state date of your requested course. 
  3. By 12 September 2020, course works beginning between 15 and 30 September must have received command approval. 
  4. An accredited body recognized by the department of education must accredit technical and career education certificate programs. Also, they must be approved by the veteran’s administration are responsible for this and memorandum of understanding signed by the DoD to obtain the marine corps tuition assistance. 
  5. Duplicate degrees or double majors cannot obtain approval for Tuition Assistance USMC. 
  6. Some issues in Marine Corps Reserve Assistance accounts such as reimbursement challenges, incomplete courses, and waiver issues, need to be addressed and sent to the student record before the approval of other requests in the future.
  7. Fees related to credentials, certifications, or license exams cannot be covered by TA benefits. 
  8. To add to the requirements for marine officers in Ref A, active-duty reserve component officers must be in a status of end of active duty (EAS) for a least two years past the completion date of the requested class if their TA application will be approved. 
  9. The EAS for enlisted Marines is 60 days past the date of completion if they will receive approval for their TA. 
  10. You will only receive approval for tow modules or classes at a time if you’re attending a technical/vocational certificate program with more than one module or class. 
  11. Training programs under workforce development or continuing education will not receive approval for the TA program. Also, you’re not eligible to use the Tuition Assistance USMC for MOS required training. Hene, while in a training status, a marine cannot obtain approval for TA. 

Tuition Assistance USMC Funding Management

In the year 2013, the funding budget for the Marine Corps Tuition Assistance was divided into fiscal quarters. Upon the exhaustion of the funds of one fiscal quarter, approvals are deferred to the fiscal year that follows.

Meanwhile, when the funds are available, approval is according to the Marine meeting all the requirements per the eligibility criteria. Also, these approvals are limited according to the number of classes beginning in that quarter. For instance, a class that starts in 15 Apri 2020 cannot receive approval until 1 April. Also, this class will receive FY 20 second-quarter funds. You can submit applications for your Tuition Application USMC 30 days before your class starts. 

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Additional Rules About the Program

If you want to benefit from the Marine corps or marine corps reserve tuition assistance program, you need to follow the following rules: 

  • You have to complete a 10-15 minutes online PowerPoint presentation called College 101 Brief
  • Submit a Statement of Understanding
  • Submit a current TA application 
  • Reservists have to submit a copy of mobilization or activation orders
  • Upon completion of a need TA course, officer have to consent to remain on active duty for no less than two years
  • SOCMAR or an evaluation degree plan is required 
  • If you’re a first time TA user, you have to complete the Financial Mgmt MCI – 3420F

Grades the Program Requires

Every member of every branch of the military needs to complete courses financed with funds from the Tuition Assistance USMC successfully. The definition for this course completion is a grade “C” or higher if you happen to be an undergraduate. Graduate courses have to be “B” or higher to be successful. 

Students who could not complete their courses within 6 months and obtain an “I”, or fail to meet the deadline of the educational institution have to meet the reimburse the program. You can contact your Tuition Assistance USMC administrator to know what to do if you obtain a “W” or withdraw from a course. Each branch of the military handles withdrawals differently. 

For some branches, the member gets a waiver is forced to withdraw due to military assignments or mobilization. 

Requirements for Command Approval

You must answer YES to each of the following questions: 

  • Through the last day of your course, will you serve active duty? 
  • Have you received a waiver or passed the recent Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA)?
  • Have you received any recommendations for any promotions?
  • As a Marine, have you completed the Course ID 3420G, known as the MCI Personal Financial Management Course?
  • If you are enlisted, do you have an EAS date that exceeds the completion date of your requested class by at least 60 days?
  • In the case of Marine Corps Reserve Tuition Assistance, have you an EAS date that exceeds the completion date of your requested class by at least two years? 

How to Apply

To apply for the Marine Corps Tuition Assistance you need to login to the WebTA portal. Only courses that end and start on the same dates should be in one application. If you choose to offer courses that differ in start and end dates, you’ll have to submit different or multiple applications. 

Procedures for Using TA

You might need educational counseling either by phone or in person. Hence, you can contact the education center of the Marine Corp for help. Also, you can determine the courses eligible for funding from TA by talking to your academic advisor. As mentioned above, the actual application is quite straight forward. You can complete an application electronically for the Tuition Assistance USMC from your computer. You only have to visit the WebTA. 

You can also approach your institution to check and ensure that you’ve listed the correct tuition fees. You can’t pay fees with funds from TA. Remember, you’ll have to apply 60 days before the term starts. However, it’s possible to submit your Tuition Assistance USMC prior to enrolling in the course at school. EVery application, even Marine Corps Reserve Tuition Assistance applications must receive the necessary approval before forwarding to the Voluntary Education Center.