Alternatives to Student Loans

When the majority of students think about paying for college, the first thing that comes to mind is looking for the cheapest student loan to cover their expenses. Given the low-profile nature of this subject, not much thought is given on the type of financial assistance. Opportunities that don’t involve borrowing and an alternative to student loans can be considered as a viable option. Before you jump on the student loan bandwagon, it’s best that you consider alternatives to education loans as an option.

Student Grants

Grants can be an excellent option for those individuals who are in search of alternative loans for college students. A Grant is a form of financial aid for students that do not need to be paid back. Who can get them? A Grant is generally given to those students who are in need, disabled, underprivileged, part of a minority group, and students who want to pursue a particular course of study. Grants are an alternative to student loans, though they do not cover all the related costs to study. Student Grants can offer you a comprehensive aid package that can be helpful for students to cover at least some part of their expenses. Generally, students decide to apply for the Federal Pell Grant, which gives them around $5800 in grant funds.


Thousands of students apply for full-ride scholarships to offset the cost of their studies. There are a number of merit-based scholarship offers that you can apply for. Most of them are offered to civically involved students, student-athletes, and more. You can find many scholarship programs organized by charities, private individuals, civic organizations, and government branches. Most of the time, you can view scholarships as a part-time job. For instance, students who work 20 hours for the organization may get $1500 per month.

Work-Study Programs

It is another way that you can use it as an alternative to students’ loans. Federal work-study gives students an opportunity to get an income and get considerable experience while working. Some Universities offer part-time jobs as a librarian, teaching assistants, research assistants which helps students to get a profit and valuable experience.

Final Thoughts on Alternative Students Loans

Before you decide to take a loan, you need to seek out alternative offers from universities, colleges, governmental, and private organizations. Even though the alternatives to student loans cannot cover the entire cost, it will be helpful for you to considerably reduce the amount that you have to borrow for academic life.