Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness

When entering the university, students have high hopes for their post-graduation life. A well-paid job, and stress-free life is the desire of many students. However, sometimes, you can find yourself in big trouble due to the accumulated debt for education. The situation gets worse if you generate all the debt for nothing. You cannot find a job, finalize your program, or your degree is worthless. In this sense, the graduates of Colorado Technical University can be a little lucky because they can get rid of their obligations. There exist some  Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness options that can help you eliminate your federal and private loans. 

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Good News

Covid-19 has an enormous impact on the national economy. Due to this emergency, officials have decided to offer some flexibility to student loan holders. Under temporary laws, there exists 0% interest on your loans. It means, your loans are in temporary forbearance but with no interest accumulating. This process is automatic; you do not need to apply for this benefit. This decision is valid until the end of September, 2020, and it covers Direct, FFEL, Perkins, and HEAL loans. There can be some conditions, so make sure to contact your loan servicer to get more details about your rights during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

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Before we start discussing what happened with the Colorado Technical University, we want you to know that Forget Student Loan is always on your side. Usually, students generate debt because they lack financial knowledge. When entering the university, they cannot estimate the debt’s total burden and foresee the risks they undertake. Hence, it is not surprising that graduates with massive student loans are not dealing with them effectively. They still lack knowledge and expertise to find the correct way of debt reduction or elimination. 

Even if you find the opportunity, checking the eligibility criteria or following the applicable rules can be difficult. One of the main reasons for refused applications is the technical mistakes that involve missing documents, or improper filling of the forms. For these reasons, our experts are ready and willing to guide graduates in their battle against the debt. We can answer all your questions and help you through the whole process until you achieve some benefits. After reading about the Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness, contact us immediately if you want to pursue it. 

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What Happened with Colorado Technical University?

In the beginnings of 2019, the college operator of Colorado University – Career Education Corporation (CEC)- agreed to cancel student loans. These loans were worth almost $500 million, and the decision applied to 48 states. However, this decision was not the favor of the college operator. Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness was the result of the multi-year investigation and the revealed misconduct of the CEC, which led to a settlement. 

The Reasons behind the Settlement

Like many other forgiveness programs, Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness was also due to the college’s mismanagement issues. The settlement which brought student loan forgiveness to around 180000 graduates happened because the college operator engaged in unfair practices. The allegations revolved around fraud, misleading practices, false claims about job replacement rates, and the cost of the education. As a result of these actions, the Career Education Corporation agreed to cancel the loans. One of the settlement’s negotiators mentioned that this resolution is necessary to make the situation fair for the graduates by eliminating their debt. It is also essential that the college operators know the consequences of their actions, and the for-profit education system works effectively.

The investigation of the case lasted for several years. During this time, the investigation revealed that the CEC was emotionally pressuring students to enroll. Meanwhile, the recruiters tricked students about the real cost of education. Instead of informing the students about the total cost, they only showed the cost per credit hour. Additionally, they misinformed prospective students about the transferability of their credits. Sometimes, they claimed that transferring credits is possible while students could not achieve it. The recruiters also tried to attract people by using distorted facts about the employment rates after graduation. Even worse, they were not honest about the accreditation of some programs. Graduates who did not have accredited education could not find a proper job. All these fraudulent activities created an opportunity for Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness.

The Settlement

The agreement, reached in the beginning of 2019, brought around $500 million worth cancellation for Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness. Besides this debt forgiveness, the Career Education Corporation agreed that they would avoid any type of deceptive actions, including false job replacement numbers or acceptance of students to programs with no state license. They will also provide platforms and basic manuals for students to know everything about their debt burden. 

Eligibility for Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness

Students who graduated on or before December 2013 are eligible for this Colorado Technical University Student Loan Forgiveness program. If your school is closed, then the final date is shifted to January 2019. 

This massive cancellation covers the debt directly owed to the Career Education Corporation. Other federal or private loans are not included in the agreement, which is the biggest downside of the Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness. This drawback is the representation of how loans can be inescapable with their challenging terms. Therefore, the settlement is more about punishing fraudulent actions and setting an example for other organizations, rather than helping students. 

Previous Cases

Colorado Technical University received many complaints even before the multi-year investigation resulted in a settlement. For example, one of the primary sources of problems was for veterans. These people generated some benefits for education as apart of GI Bill. When some of them decided to study at Colorado Technical University, they were misled about the costs of education. In one interview in the Independent in 2017, a veteran called Glogouski claimed that recruiters had said the benefits and scholarships would cover the costs. However, he left education in debt and lost his benefits. Others argued that the instructors did not have qualities for teaching. Some of them were unprepared, and disinterested in educating. As a result of all these concerns, Colorado was the biggest recipient of the significant number of complaints, followed by the University of Phoenix and ITT Tech. Now, these people are struggling with debt and looking for ways for Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness.

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Students enter the university with dreams of bright futures after graduation. Some of them achieve their goals, while others find themselves in the debt spiral. If the reason behind your troubles is the university’s mismanagement, you can be eligible for the Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness programs. All you need is expert guidance. Our team is here to answer all your questions and create a path to a debt-free future. 

We have helped a multitude of graduates with the same challenges as you face. Our experts have years of experience in the field. They are well-aware of the changes happening on terms and opportunities emerging for the graduates.

Opportunity for Borrowers

As mentioned before, the Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness program from the settlement does not benefit people with federal or private loans. Only the loan you got directly from the Career Education Corporation is eligible. However, do not get disappointed. You still have other options for your federal loans and private debt from different lenders.

One of the fantastic opportunities for your debt is the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Plan. This program helps students who were misled by the false claims and fraudulent actions of the universities. The good news is that the Career Education Center has already accepted many reforms in the settlement, such as stopping misinformation and tricky strategies for attracting students. Hence, it creates solid grounds for the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Plan. Continue reading for more details of this type of Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness program

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Borrower's Defense to Repayment Plan

This option for Colorado Technical University Student Loan Forgiveness is an excellent opportunity to get a reduction or discharge for federal loans. Please, note that other types of loans will not qualify for this program. If you have Federal Family Education or Perkins Loans, you might be required to consolidate them. Overall, the program benefits people who can prove that the school misled them. Claiming and supporting that the school engaged in unlawful and unethical practices can be enough to get the forgiveness opportunity.

However, personal matters such as physical injury or harassment would not qualify for the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Plan. The reason behind this differentiation is that this program aims to help students who made the wrong decision and accumulated debt because of the fraudulent actions of the university. Through this program, the officials ensure that students are protected, and the schools do not engage in such fraudulent activities. 


From the eligibility criteria perspective, this Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness program is straightforward. Proving the misconduct of the university is a critical factor in eligibility. You can qualify for the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment Plan, if you can convince officials that your school engaged in misleading actions. Alternatively, indicating that the school acted against the laws related to the student debt and education quality can be a significant factor supporting your allegations. If you get approval from this forgiveness opportunity, all your debt or some part of it can be canceled. Even better, you can get refunds for the amount you paid on loan previously. 

Discharge Percentage

One of the commonly asked questions about this Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness program is the percentage of debt cancellation. As mentioned, you can get rid of all debt or some part of it through this program. The Department of Education uses a unique tool for calculating how much reduction you deserve. They do these estimations by comparing your income level with the program you attended at Colorado Technical University with the income level of another person who had the same plan but in a different school. If you can still earn more than others, then even if you prove misconduct, you might not get the discharge. 


Graduates who want to benefit from the defense program should apply by using its application form. It is possible to find this form online. The form requires information about the personal and contact details, the problem you face, and your claims. Here, by claims, we mean why you think that the university misled you. The success of your application depends on this part considerably. You need to prove that you were the victim of the misconduct of the university. If the university was honest about its practices, you would not have studied there and avoided the debt accumulation. In this sense, you should input any document that can support your claims. Providing the email messages between you and the university officials, promotional materials they offered, or course catalog can be useful. All these documents and your words should be enough to support your allegations. Additionally, you might need to confirm that you agree to put your debt into forbearance, which we will explain in the next section. 

You can use the official website of Borrower Discharge, send an email or mail to apply to this Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness program. If you opt for mail or email, you need to print the form after filling it. Then sign it and send it together with your additional documents through your preferred way.  

Borrowers with Federal Family Education Loan or Perkins Loans might need to apply to the debt consolidation first if they are eligible. The Department of Education informs applicants about this process if it is necessary. 

Forbearance Status

When you fill the application form, you can choose to put your debt in forbearance status. It means, you would not need to pay any loans on default after the Department of Education receives your application. This status continues during your application. However, you need to be careful. Though none urges you to pay the debt, your interest payments still accumulate. When your application is denied, the forbearance status will rise. In this case, you have to pay back the debt, including all the interest payments that occurred during the review and forbearance process. If you want to avoid debt accumulation further, you can continue making payments. No limitation restricts payments during the forbearance status. You are not obliged, but allowed to pay the interest.

Additionally, forbearance status applies to all of your loans. There can be other loans that you do not claim any defense action or loans that do not qualify for the program. However, if you opt for forbearance or stopped collection status, then all your debt collections will cease until you get the response from the Department of Education. You can still get this status for some of the loans if you contact your loan servicer and explain your request. Also, during the time all your loans are in forbearance, you can get them out by contacting the loan servicer. 


There is a possibility to receive a refund for the amount you paid before with the help of this Colorado Technical University Student Loan Forgiveness method. However, a time limitation is an important constraint. If you apply in an applicable range of time, you can get a refund. This range determines how many years have passed since you left the university. 

If you apply on time, you can get the reimbursement. To be eligible, your payments to the time of discharge should be higher than the amount you owe after receiving the forgiveness. The loan servicer is the person who applies this discharge program to your loan. He/She checks whether you have an outstanding balance after you receive a reduction. If there is some debt you still owe, the loan servicer covers this debt with the prior payments. The first target is closing the balance of the loan on which you got the Borrower’s Defense to Repayment. After closing this loan, if some amount is remaining, the loan servicer will cover your other Direct Loans. After all these processes, the remaining amount (if any) is reimbursed to you. 

However, if you miss the period for application or the outstanding balance after forgiveness is less than what you paid to that time, there will not be any reimbursement. In any case, it is better to contact your loan servicer to know whether you are eligible for a refund or not.

Interest Waiver

Many people are concerned about the interest payments when they apply to the Borrower’s Defense to the Repayment plan. As your loan will be in forbearance, you do not need to make debt repayment during the review process. The review takes a lot of time, around a year. Hence, the Department of Education raises all the interest accumulated in this period, if your application is accepted. There exist two scenarios. First, receiving a 100% cancellation of your debt guarantees an interest waiver for the full amount automatically. You do not get any additional waiver in such a case. Second, if you get some percentage reduction, your loan servicer will inform you how much you owe after the interest is waived. However, if your case is not successful, and the Department of Education rejects your application, you have to pay back all the accumulated interest. 

Therefore, it is always advisable to continue making interest payments during the review process. We understand that you might be in default, and it is hard to afford these payments. Yet, keep in mind that if your application is not successful, you will be required to make all those payments. That is the reason why paying on time is more desirable.

Repayment Plans

If neither the Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness through settlement nor the Defense program fits your needs, you can opt for repayment plans. The Department of Education provides several repayment plans, such as standard, graduated, and extended. These programs are based on the outstanding balance and interest rate. There is also an income-driven plan which depends on your income level. When choosing a repayment plan, some people prefer the one with the lowest monthly payment. While this repayment plan helps you decrease your monthly obligations and free some resources for your necessities, it can also increase the interest as time passes. 

The best part of the repayment plan is that even if you have one, you can change it when you wish ultimately for free. You can discuss this issue with your loan servicer. Also, there are online tools such as Loan Simulator, which help borrowers understand the terms of repayment plans, such as how much they will need to pay monthly.

Standard Repayment Plan

Repayment plans can be useful tools to effectively pay back the debt and get rid of the stress. However, differently,  the Colorado Technical University Student Loan Forgiveness programs can reduce some percentage of the total debt with no resources. Yet, if you do not qualify for forgiveness, it is better to get a suitable repayment plan. Otherwise, you can be in default for not being able to meet your obligations. 

One of the simple repayment plans is the standard program that is accessible to almost all debtors. In this plan, the target is to get rid of the debt in ten years. By this time frame in mind, you will pay a fixed amount every month so that the balance is 0 at the end of the period. For consolidation loans, this period can extend to 30 years. Borrowers with Direct, Stafford, PLUS, and Consolidated Direct or FFEL loans can apply to this repayment plan. The advantage of this program is that it is different from other methods as you will pay less as time passes. However, it is not advisable for people who want to get Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Graduated Repayment Plan

Different from the Standard program, the Graduated repayment plan does not offer fixed interest. Instead, the monthly payment is low when you first start the program, and it increases every two years. Similarly, this program also aims to get rid of your loans in ten years and for consolidated loans for up to 30 years. The loan coverage of the program is the same as the standard program. This program also does not qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness plan. As payments increase by time, it is not specific as the standard plan. However, if you cannot meet all your obligations with the current income level and need to reduce your cash outflow as much as possible, you can get this repayment plan. 

Extended Repayment Plan

As its name suggests, in this plan, the payback period is extended. It means, you will not eliminate your debt in ten years. Instead, the plan aims to close all debt in 25 years. Another difference of this program is that it is not as accessible as standard and graduates the program. There exists an additional requirement that demands that your outstanding balance should exceed $30 000. All the loan types, such as Direct, or PLUS, eligible in other repayment plans, also qualify in this program. As it targets a 25 years-period, the monthly payment is even lower than the graduated plan. You can choose to have a fixed or graduated interest rate, which will increase in time. Therefore, this loan is like a combination of standard and graduated plans. Again, it does not qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Income-Based Repayment Plans

There exist different variations of the income-based plans. In general, as its name suggests, the payments depend on your income level. Hence, it can be more affordable for borrowers. One of such programs is Revised Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan. Here, the monthly payment is 10% of your income. Its name is ‘Revised’ because each year they recalculate your payment. If the income level changes, your payment will also increase. For married people, the income of both is considered.

One advantage of this program is that if you pay for 20 years, any outstanding balance will be forgiven. This period is applicable to undergraduate loans. However, for loans you took for graduate or professional studies, the time limitation is 25 years. Also, keep in mind that these plans are useful for people who look for a Public Service Loan Forgiveness opportunity. There also exist Income-Based, Income-Contingent, and Income-Sensitive types of the repayment plans. If you want to get more information about the plans and decide which program to choose, contact our experts.

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Every borrower has unique needs. Some want to save money, while others try to cover the expenses of their families. We understand that dealing with your debt is challenging and stressful. You need more than guidance; your partner needs to recognize your hardship and care about your problems. This competence is what we achieve in our services- ultimate customer satisfaction. Our experts listen to your requests and help you find the best program for you. Whether it is a Colorado Technical University Loan Forgiveness or a repayment plan, we will be on your side in every stage. Our experts will inform you about the benefits and risks of the programs and guide you through the application process. 

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