How to Make Money With Selling Textbooks

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make money with selling textbooks

You’re probably aware of the silent screams your full bookshelf makes, “Oh, I’m educated, and I’m not scared of showing it off!” But let’s admit it, we both know most of these books are just collecting dust. With all the textbooks you’ve got lying around, which you’ll probably not use again, why don’t you sell them online and make money? You can even start your business by buying and selling textbooks. 

Here’s how you can make money selling textbooks

5 Steps To Make Your Sales Successful 

Before you start selling your textbooks online, follow the below tips to help you make good sales. 

  1. Describe your textbooks clearly in your ads. It’s vital to vividly describe your book’s condition, ISBN, publisher, and year of publication. 
  2. Price your books fairly. Before you sell your textbooks, check competitor sites to know how to price your books. 
  3. Keep your books in good condition. Your textbooks should be clean, free from water and food spillage, and too many notes. Also, the books shouldn’t have any missing pages on them. Check the site to read its book condition requirements before you sell. 
  4. State shipping costs in your ads. Once the books get sold, mail them immediately and use trackable delivery services. 
  5. Always be professional and business-like. Excellent customer service will always bring you more sales. 

Ways To Sell Your Textbooks 

1. Selling Textbooks Online 

Numerous students purchase textbooks online to save money. You can use those bookselling sites like, eCampus, Bookscouter to sell your books to other students. 

Many websites make it simple to compare buyback prices. That way, you don’t get ripped off. In addition, it’s easy to sell online. All you have to do is enter the textbook’s ISBN, wait till it gets sold, and collect the profits. 

However, shipping the books may be inconvenient if you don’t stay close to a post office. The good news is that some sites take care of the shipping costs. 

2. Sell Used Textbooks Directly To Students 

make money with selling textbooks

Some of your previous students may need the same books you used last semester. You can use that opportunity to sell the textbooks directly to them. You can make higher profits using this method since you cut out the middleman. 

However, it can be challenging to find a buyer. Some students who want to cut down costs may feel uncomfortable paying you for the textbook. Plus, there’s a chance that some students will drop some courses. 

When that occurs, they may want their money back, which can be some awkward conversations. But if you have a plan, you can work your way around it. 

3. Auction Books Online 

You can use auction sites like eBay to advertise and sell your old and used textbooks. Then, if you have a book in high demand, you make some excellent profit as buyers bid against each other. 

The downside is that most students who use these auction books sites often want to save money. So most times, they’re not willing to pay for the total price of the books. 

4. Rent Your Textbooks 

You can rent your books during the semester instead of selling them. You can get more money just by renting them, especially from people who didn’t plan. Also, you have the chance to rent your books many times to make more money. 

However, there’s no assurance that your books will get back to you, and even if it does, if it’ll be in good condition. Some students might even misplace them. But with a bit of planning, you can work your way around it. 


Selling textbooks online can be a great way to make good money. However, you’ll need to do your research to find out which works best for you. You can use this guide as a step in the right direction.