National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program

You might think that military service is a barrier to education. After all, you spend time serving the country instead of going to regular studies. However, luckily, the military is not a restriction, but a tool that empowers students to enjoy better education opportunities. Some programs available to active military personnel ensure they get credits for courses by distant studying in a short period. Others provide an online test for passing the examinations. Also, some programs aim to give a chance for students with loans to get rid of them. National Guard Student Loan Repayment that will be discussed in this section belongs to this category of benefits for enlisted people. Among other programs, this repayment plan is currently one of the most exceptional opportunities available for military personnel. Yet, it has extensive eligibility requirements and restrictions. Keep reading to discover if you meet all the requirements. 

National Guard Student Loan Repayment

National Guard gives high importance to education and makes it available to more military servers. It has diverse programs that enable enlisted personnel to access education opportunities and eliminate debts they created while studying. One of the programs that National Guard offers is the Student Loan Repayment Program. It is available both to soldiers or officer candidates with federal loans. For further information, these loans should belong to Title IV, which include Direct, Direct PLUS, and Perkins Loans. Here, Direct PLUS loan is eligible for repayment only if it is made by the soldier who applies to the SLRP by National Guard. Otherwise, it will lose its eligibility. Please, also be aware that your loans should be on the list of the National Student Loan Data System. 

There are also many more requirements which we will discuss in the eligibility section. Yet, this article only mentions the basics of the program. The details might change depending on the case. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the recruiter of the applicant to get more in-depth information.  Alternatively, you can talk to a contact point, education services, or strength manager officers. 

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One of the main reasons for failure to get financial benefits for education is technical mistakes. Either applicants do not understand the details of the program eligibility, or they fail to prove their qualifications. Even if they have a high chance of taking advantage of National Guard Student Loan Repayment, lack of documentation, or misunderstandings become a barrier for applicants.

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Eligibility Factors

Now let’s see who can qualify for the National Guard Student Loan Repayment plan. Also, do not forget that if you need further clarification or any other help, you can contact Forget Student Debt immediately. 

The qualification list differs for prior service, non-prior service(current), and current Guard members. 

Conditions for Soldier with Prior Service

You can receive the benefit of this Army Student Loan Repayment plan under several eligibility criteria. This list is much longer than the conditions for Current Service soldiers. Yet, do not let it demotivate you. In case you do not understand any of them, contact us to get more details. 

Again, as in the case of current service, you have to enlist for at least six years. However, here instead of E-4 grade, having E-7 or under is necessary. You also need to have less than 16 years in service on affiliation in the National Guard. Do not forget that receiving other benefits previously can restrict you from participating in the SLRP by National Guard. Specifically, taking advantage of the other Military Student Loan Repayment Program or Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship will make you ineligible. 

Educational achievements also matter as in the case of current service soldiers. However, the requirement is lower, which is only 31 scores from the test for Armed Forces. Plus, you need to pass training of basic combat for Army or Navy servicers. You can complete the training either before the enlistment or during the year after that. Luckily, if an applicant participated in a special operation in these positions before, they do not need to pass the training. 

Here, we have mentioned a large portion of the requirements. Yet, there exist some others that differ based on the case. Still, it is advisable to contact your servicer to get more details. 

Current Service Soldier

This group of soldiers can take advantage of the National Guard Student Loan Repayment Program under several conditions. First, they should be enlisted at least for a six-year service period. Plus, their enlistment should be for fulfilling critical skills vacancies. Its grades also differ, which must be E-4 or under.

Additionally, Current Service soldiers must get at least 50 scores in their qualification exam for the Armed Forces. Some other requirements also exist which need further explanation from your recruiter or others that we mentioned above. Ask them about the qualifying positions and check if you fit. 

On the other hand, some conditions make Current Service soldiers ineligible. These factors include enlisting as a glossary soldier, serving in the Recruit Force Pool, Active First Program, or committing as a 09R SMP cadet. 

Guard Member

Guard members can only be eligible for the National Guard Student Loan Repayment if they satisfy the requirements of enlisting again or extending. Still, for at least six years of service commitment, you should continue your service within a year. Also, similar to soldiers with prior service, the E-7 or under grade is mandatory. Differently, you need to have less than thirteen years in service. This opportunity is not available to soldiers with Mil-Tech or AGR status. 

Loan Requirements

This repayment plan is available to applicants who have a loan that belongs to the Title IV category. Besides, multiple loans are also eligible. As mentioned before, Direct federal, Direct PLUS and Perkins loans are available. Yet, if anyone other than the soldier himself/herself made the PLUS loan, then this debt does not qualify for the repayment opportunity. Additionally, people with any private or state-funded liability will not be eligible.

Do not forget that you should get the loan before the date of enlistment, affiliation, or when enlisting again in the case of Guard Members. The exception exists only if you are a Guard Member who extends the contract for a minimum of six years. For this exception, your extension should be right after the original contract date, without any breaks. 

Previously, we mentioned that the repayment could not exceed the legally allowed amount per year. This amount is either 15% or $500 per year. The higher one will apply to your condition. If your outstanding balance is less than this annual repayment amount, you will only receive repayment equal to the remaining balance.

What is the Benefit You will Receive?

Till now, we have discussed the details of the eligibility requirement that seems very challenging at first sight. You might wonder in return what you are bearing all the burden of the application to the program. Let us deliver the good news. The benefit that the SLRP by the National Guard provides excellent incentive, which is up to $50 000. Keep in mind that the annual payments of this repayment cannot be more than the legally allowed amount. 

Applicants can take advantage of the SLRP by National Guard if they are Duty Military Occupational Speciality Qualified. When there is a requirement for Basic Combat Training, you cannot receive the repayment unless you complete the BCT. 

What if You Default?

In general, you should not default on the loan. It is also possible that you will be required to make payments each month. It is because you should not allow the loan to default while getting the benefit of the National Guard Student Loan Repayment program. Yet, if you have a defaulted loan, you can still take advantage of this Army Student Loan Repayment program in the next year. Exceptionally, you can also prove that your loan is not in default. Therefore, you need to get proof from your lender. They should refute the default in a written manner. 


Participants need to follow some rules to enjoy the benefits without any errors. For instance, the information about the lender is checked against the National Student Loan Data System. They should verify the data, so make sure it is up-to-date. The document in the National Student Loan Data System should be a maximum of 90 days old. 

Additionally, keep in mind that the National Guard Student Loan Repayment program does not make any payments to the soldier or anyone who acts on behalf of the soldier. They send financial aid directly to the lending institution. 

Also, medical department officers of the Army can participate in the National Guard Student Loan Repayment program. However, as soon as they get appointed, their benefit will seize. It means their contract will be terminated without any chance to restore it. 

Previously, we mentioned that extensions for Guard Members should be at least six years period. Therefore, if you extend the service less than this requirement, you will lose your eligibility. 

Please, be aware that all eligibility requirements and considerations depend on the applicants’ conditions. It is always more reliable to contact your service recruiter, education services officer, or strength manager for further qualifications.

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If a participant takes an unauthorized break in the service, he/she will lose the benefit permanently. The exception exists for the authorized period. Yet, you cannot get more than one authorized breaks during your service as it will end your contract. Plus, you will not have any other chance to get the benefit back. 

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While National Guard Student Loan Repayment is an excellent opportunity for people with student debt, it is much complicated. Its long list of eligibility factors, as well as the restrictions, makes it difficult to understand and decide whether you fit or not. Also, many limitations exist, which can result in losing your benefit opportunity. We recognize this challenge and provide you a chance to get answers to all your questions. Being well-informed and avoiding mistakes to guarantee the advantage is necessary. Contact us now to direct your questions or clarify confusing issues with the help of Forget Student Debt experts. 

Even better, if you do not satisfy the requirements of this Army Student Loan Repayment, we are here to help you find another program. Our experts have years of experience in this industry. Hence, they are well aware of the details of all available plans and changes in financial aid programs for military personnel. In this way, they can suggest other opportunities in which you have a higher probability of receiving the benefit. Take action immediately to get rid of your debts or find a cheap way of getting an education. 

Final Words

Military services bring many benefits. Some people might think that it is a barrier to better education. However, National Guard creates many opportunities for military personnel to keep track of the education while serving the country. These opportunities might come in the form of distance education, online preparations, or scholarships for tuition fees in the future. Another type of benefit is the National Guard Student Loan Repayment, which provides annual payments. With the help of this program, students with debts can receive up to $500 yearly benefit to pay off their loans. Do not forget that this opportunity is only available to Direct, Direct PLUS, and Perkins loans. Yet, many eligibility factors exist, from military training to the service period. Hence, it is better to get more detailed information, either the applicant recruiter. You can also contact us for further clarification.