NHSC NURSE Corps Scholarship Program

It is not common to find a scholarship that covers any educational costs. They usually provide the tuition fee or other required charges from the educational institutions. Meanwhile, students must pay for other expenses of living or supplies for the school. Though the programs fund the fees of educational institutions, the students still deal with the financial hardships. Luckily, the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is incredibly unique in its benefits. It covers any cost, including your living expenses, supplies, instruments, uniforms, as well as the tuition fees. In return, participants should serve for at least two years in a Critical Shortage Facility. Such clinic facilities usually lack healthcare providers. Therefore, people in those areas are in extreme need of healthcare service. As a result, this scholarship has both financial advantages and ethical benefits for the greater good.

This program does not help people with student debt. However, it aids them not to get the loan in the first place. If you have student loans, you better check the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program on our website. You can get rid of 60% of your debt in return for two years of service commitment. Plus, you will get a 25% additional reduction if you agree to serve in a Critical Shortage Facility for one more year. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity to avoid your debt and check the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program

For the scholarship program, students in qualifying schools and getting the eligible degrees can take advantage of the program. The details of the eligibility will be discussed in later sections. 

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The NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program

With the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program, applicants enjoy two distinct benefits. First, they serve in a facility that lacks necessary health care providers. In this way, they serve a more noble purpose and help people in need. At the same time, participants of the scholarship get financial assistance to get a debt-free education. This financial help includes tuition fees, a monthly stipend for living costs, and other expenses such as supplies or books. Therefore, the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is also unique because it covers any cost students can face. 


We have already mentioned the most significant advantage of the program, which is its extensive coverage of costs. The NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program includes financial assistance for fees of educational institutions, clinical supplies, uniforms, or books. It also provides monthly stipends to participants to cover their living costs. There is no limitation or monitoring to control how you spend this money. 

Another benefit of the program is that both full-time and half-time students can take advantage of the scholarship. Even when you get a job after graduation, you can serve both full and part-time. Also, the mandatory service commitment is in the range of two to four years. In return for such tremendous benefits, this requirement seems trivial. Plus, the application process of the scholarship is relatively more straightforward than other financial aids. Completing an online application and submitting the documents are enough to finalize the request successfully. Besides, if you meet the citizenship and education criteria, you will be eligible. For the debt forgiveness program, the requirements are much more complicated. 


However, the program also has some limitations. Firstly, as it is a scholarship program, it does not benefit you if you already accumulated debt for educational purposes. If you are in such a case, it is better to check the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. Plus, the program requires participants to work in a Critical Shortage Facility. Such clinics are usually located in socio-economically poor places. Therefore, nurses serving in a CSF should not expect high salaries. 

Even worse, your wage for a minimum of two-years service commitments can be less than the average rate in other locations. Also, your academic performance matters considerably. In the case of repeated coursework, you will face the risk of losing your scholarship. Before applying for the program, you need to consider these drawbacks. Yet, we think the benefits of the program reveal you from a life-long student debt trap. Hence, it is worth a try. 

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Details of Award

This scholarship is one of the best options students can get for education, but it also has some limitations. For this reason, it is advisable to know all the tiny details of the award.

Tuition and Other Required Fees

The NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program covers the tuition fee of the educational institutions. It pays the required amount directly to the nursing school. Generally, the school officials send an invoice with the course name and number to get the funds for participants’ tuition. This invoice should not include any expense related to the books, supplies, or nursing instruments as they are part of Other Reasonable Costs (ORC). We will discuss these costs later in this section. 

If you want to attend summer classes, there are conditions. If summer is a regular academic period of the nursing school, then the program covers the costs. Plus, that period should be included in your contract period. 

People attending different schools or campuses as a part of their educational responsibility can still get their financial assistance from the program. However, you need to make sure that all schools you educate are in the list of eligible institutions for the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. Also, keep in mind that the scholarship does not cover any extra courses that are not necessary for your graduation. You can only take those courses shown in your curriculum as mandatory credit for getting a degree. 

Avoid Repeated Coursework

In the case of repeated coursework, the scholarship would not cover any fees. Generally, repeated coursework is not a desirable process for participants. If you need to repeat, you have to inform the officials. You can still receive your financial aid if the repetition does not delay your graduation date. 

It is also possible that after you receive the scholarship, the tuition fees increase. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the scholarship will cover this rise. The decision of the extension of the award depends on the availability of necessary funds. 

What If You Decide to Transfer to Another Institution?

If you want to transfer, you need to think twice. The NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program does not encourage the participants to move after they get the award. They only let such transfer after careful consideration of your situation and when there is a reasonable, exceptional case. Even if you get approval, keep in mind that the program will not cover any excess tuition fee if the new school charges higher than the previous one. You have to pay money from your pocket to contribute to the tuition fee. 

Monthly Stipend

One of the best sides of this scholarship is that it covers not only educational costs, but also provides monthly stipends for living expenses. Usually, financial assistance to students does not cover their living costs. Therefore, they still face financial hardships when they study. However, the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program considered any challenges related to charges that students have to deal with.  

Awardees of the program will get around $1,400 per month. This rate is for full-time students. If you are a part-time student, do not worry. You will get approximately half of the monthly stipend for full-time awardees. 

Your stipends can seize in several conditions. First, if you have to repeat coursework that the scholarship has already paid previously, you might not receive the aid. Second, if, for any reason, your contract is terminated, your monthly stipends will also end. Lastly, in the ordinary course of action, the process ends when you graduate. Also, keep in mind that sometimes your payment can be delayed. It usually happens due to the lack of documents, such as invoices or transcripts. 

Other Reasonable Costs

People getting a nursing degree usually need uniforms, special clinic instruments, and sure, textbooks for completing their courses successfully. Luckily, you do not need to cover these costs from your pocket or with the monthly stipend. Once a year, awardees receive funds to spend on these needs. The program determines the necessary amount by contacting the educational institutions directly. They make the decision related to the amount of Other Reasonable Costs before they announce awardees. Plus, the decision is final. If you face additional costs, there will not be any increase throughout the year. Also, keep in mind that part-time students or the ones who study less than a year can receive much-limited assistance. However, in all cases, getting an ORC, even in less amount, is better than getting no help for supplies, books, or uniforms. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is extensive and time-consuming. However, it should not demotivate the applicants. These programs bring immense benefits. Hence, it is normal that it has many requirements. The ones who have the patience to get all the documents ready and are suitable for the criteria will win at the end. 


Participants of this program should be U.S. citizens, either born or naturalized. If you are legally a permanent resident of the country, you can still apply for the scholarship. Applicants have to submit a document that proves their eligible citizenship. This proof includes birth certificate, U.S. passport, and certificate for naturalization/citizenship. Also, do not try to use a license for driving, social security card, or marriage certificate for this aim. Those documents are not acceptable for proving citizenship. 


Applicants should also fulfill some requirements related to their education. First, they have to start studying in an eligible school before September 30, 2019, for qualifying to the 2019-2020 year scholarship program. Both full-time and half-time students can take advantage of the program.

The qualifying degrees are as following:

Associate Degree School of Nursing

Collegiate School of Nursing

Diploma School of Nursing

RN-to-Baccalaureate BSN

Master Degree(Direct, or Entry Level)


Even if you meet the qualification criteria of citizenship and education, there are still factors that can make you ineligible. For instance, if you face any liens due to a previous debt, you will not qualify. Plus, defaulting on service obligation, suspension, exclusion, or disqualification by a federal agency are negative factors. Also, if you have a current service obligation, this can affect your application. Only if the existing service receiver can prove that it does not lead to a conflict with the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program, then you can be eligible. Please, keep in mind in case you have two obligations, the one for the NHSC Nurse Corps S.P. should come first. 


Several factors can affect your selection. If you properly supply the related information, you can improve your chance of getting the scholarship. 

First, you should not have any default on prior obligation, which indicates you are taking the responsibility of your service commitment seriously. Any federal payment obligation such as a student loan payment can fail your application. Second, the officials will analyze your academic performance. Having a high-Grade Point Average (GPA) can make you more competitive. Also, there will be some questions for you to answer with essay writing. You have to indicate your interest, motivation, need, and contribution to convincing the program administrators to give the scholarship to you. It is advisable to show your high motivation to serve people in underserved areas.

Next, your resume or Curriculum Vitae is necessary to show your voluntary work, previous experiences, or educational qualification. Getting a recommendation letter that supports your willingness for the program is also essential. Recommenders must prove that you have the interest and ability to help people in need.

Also, be aware that the funding preference will be toward people who need the scholarship the most. Officials identify this need through the Expected Family Contribution(EFC). After you supply all the necessary information, they calculate the contribution level. Applicants whose EFC falls in the range of $0-5,576 have the highest priority in scholarship. However, you still need to satisfy other requirements of eligibility.

Prolonging the Contract

After you get the reward from the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program, you can apply for the contract extension to the 2020-2021 academic year. You can request additional support for a maximum of four years till you graduate. The good news is that you do not need to apply for the scholarship again to get the extension. All you have to do is submit a signed contract and a report, which indicates you are still meeting the eligibility requirement. Also, do not forget that there is a due date for the application to extend. Usually, the NHSC Nurse Corps S.P. notifies participants about the deadline.

Your contract extension depends on several factors. First, you need to prove that you are still eligible for the scholarship program. The program can conduct an employment check to make sure that you still need financial help. Second, you must reapply for the program based on the existing policies. Third, applicants should comply with previous requirements and procedures. 

Even if you get the approval for an extension, you might be obliged to spend your money for some time. Usually, participants get the benefit during November. Though they receive the scholarship late, they will get the full amount that covers the period from July to November.

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Service Commitment

In return for all the incredible scholarship benefits, applicants should serve at least two years in an eligible facility. Two years is for full-time workers. If you want to serve part-time, then the service period will prolong. Also, you have to work in a position related to your degree. Your workplace is essential, too. Applicants should serve as a Critical Shortage Facility that lacks health care providers. 

If you received the award, it is advisable to start looking for available positions as soon as possible. Do not forget that you will only have nine months after graduation. During this period, you have to get a license and an offer from a qualifying employer. 

The service period depends on how many times you took the benefit of the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program. For one or two times of scholarship received, you have to serve years. It does not matter whether you got a full-year or half-year financial assistance. For three and four times of award, you must work at least three and four years, respectively.

Application Process

Applying to the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is relatively more comfortable than other programs. Three stages exist for a successful application: online application, supporting documents, and additional materials. It is advisable to keep a copy of each document for yourself to avoid any missing documentation in the future. Please, also keep in mind that the information you submit must reflect the reality. You have to prove all the details with the necessary supporting documents. The NHSC Nurse Corps S.P. does not accept any request to change a submitted application. Plus, it does not allow you to submit incomplete documents or delay the submission after the deadline. 

In the online applications, people need to input information which reflects their general standing as well as the background details. Here, you also need to request recommendation letters. You cannot upload the recommendation letter. Applicants will be eligible if they insert the email address of the recommender. Then, the recommender will enter the link and submit the letter. 

Next, you need to provide supporting documents. They are proof of citizenship, academic performance, etc. You also must upload the answers to essay questions and details of tuition fees. 

Time to Act

Now that you know all the details of the NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program, you need to take action. If you think the eligibility requirements, you must collect the documents and apply before the deadline. We understand that the application process is overwhelming, especially when students are busy with exams. Luckily, you can get the help of Forget Student Debt to guide you through the whole process. We want to make sure that no applicant fails because of a lack of time or misunderstanding. Maximizing your chance with proper documentation is a necessary step for getting the award. It does not matter to which program you apply, whether the NHSC scholarship or the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. Contact us now to ask your question, express concerns, or request expert advice. 

Final Words

Students getting a Nursing degree are extremely lucky. They have tons of options to get rid of their student loans, such as the Nurse Corps Loan Repayment Program. What is even better is the scholarship that keeps students away from the debt in the first place. The NHSC Nurse Corps Scholarship Program is an incredible chance for students. It covers any study-related costs, including tuition fees and expenses for uniforms, clinical supplies or textbooks. Plus, it helps students with monthly stipends for their living costs. As you understood, the scholarship program creates every opportunity for students to direct their thoughts to education, instead of being distracted by the financial challenges. In return, it requires a minimum of two years of service commitment in a Critical Shortage Facility.