7 Ways to Make Money In College

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make money in college

A job outside campus might be the fastest way to make money in college. But it can be challenging to find work that pays above the minimum salary, fits your class schedules, and still gets time to have fun.

So how can you earn extra money without risking your social life and grades? One way to do this is to go freelance. That way, you can choose gigs that work with your school schedule.

At worst, you can get enough money for books and personal expenses. At best, you can turn your gig into a profitable business by the time you finish college. 

Here are some ways to earn extra cash in college. 

1. Rideshare Driver 

Do you have a car on campus? If so, you can make good money by driving Lyft, Uber, or other ride-sharing platforms. However, you’ll have to adhere to the minimum requirement before you can use the service. 

For example, if you choose Uber, you should have three years of driving experience if you’re under the age of 23. And you’ll have to get your car checked every year in some states. 

But once you seek those things out, you can drive according to your time. Some drivers even use more than one app. 

2. Virtual Assistant 

VAs perform administrative jobs for small businesses and busy professionals. The work may involve managing social media, maintaining records, and managing email. You can find Virtual Assistant gigs on various freelance platforms but be prepared for competition. 

You can work with platforms like Time as an alternative. This company pays a flat fee, and you can work how much you want, and there’s no bidding. 

3. Delivery Driver 

You can sign up with popular delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Instacart, etc., to deliver everything from groceries, mail order packages, and restaurant meals. Compared to a rideshare driver, you might earn small making deliveries. 

However, you can combine the two to decrease downtime and maximize your earnings. 

4. Babysit 

Don’t take babysitting as a joke, and they’re certainly not for only teenagers. You can make an average of $15 per hour just by babysitting. It’s not bad since you can find some time to study, especially when the kids are in bed. 

You can use platforms like Uloop, Sittercity, and Care.com to start your babysitting journey. 

5. Pet Sit

Another way to make money in college is to pet sit when the owners are away. Aside from taking the pets for a walk and caring for them, you’d be responsible for maintaining the home and yard. Again, you can use House Sitters American and HouseSitter.com to get jobs. 

6. Sell Your Unwanted Stuff Online 

There are numerous things you can sell online. Some of them include textbooks, clothes, and accessories, childhood toys, sports equipment, etc. In addition, some eCommerce platforms specialize in particular types of items. 

However, you can always take the easy route like selling on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. You can also sell your textbooks online at places like BookDeal.com, Bookscouter, Abebooks.com, etc. 

But before you sell the books, make sure they’re in good condition to get the best price. 

7. Capitalize On Your Skills Or Talents 

Are you good at creative or technical aspects? Then, you can find the market that needs your services, and you don’t need to create a website to do that. Skills that perform well on Fiverr include graphic design, business copywriting, and programming. 

If you’re good in these areas, you can make pretty good money on the platform. But, of course, there are other platforms you can try out. 


We are all aware of how expensive college can be. And even if you get scholarships, grants, and student loans, you may still need money for other college expenses. However, you can use the list in this guide to make money in college.